What We Do

Our Center helps health-driven organizations quantify the impact of their work so that they can prioritize resources investment to achieve optimal health. We conduct early evidence assessment and analysis, data analytics modeling, policy development, surveillance, focused implementation research, and impact evaluation. We also engage in translational research collaborations and partnerships with academic centers, think tanks, health care systems, and other experts and organizations to guide programmatic delivery, policy, and advocacy efforts at all levels of government.

Policy Research

We conduct and analyze implementation science that forms the basis of our policy position statements, which inform policy development that moves large population segments toward better health. The use of basic, clinical, and population research to expand and strengthen the evidence base is the core of the AHA’s policy development, advocacy work, and implementation evaluation. We apply an evaluation lens to policy decisions, projecting the impact of targeted improvements, the cost-effectiveness of interventions, the engagement of vulnerable populations, and the effect on health disparities.

Workplace Health

We translate the latest science of workplace health research into practice, and support employers to implement high-impact, evidence-based solutions. This includes supporting programs to assess the comprehensiveness of their workplace health programs through the Workplace Health Achievement Index and its related recognition program. We collaborate with the AHA CEO Roundtable, a leadership collaborative of Fortune 500 CEOs committed to creating healthier companies and communities, to scale up science-based solutions nationwide. We are committed to developing strategies to reduce health disparities in the workplace.

Clinical Effectiveness Research

Our team helps provide evidence-based solutions for today’s complex health care challenges. Focusing on methods for faster and more effective implementation of clinical guidelines and delivery models, this research can help improve disease prevention, management, and treatment; alleviate health disparities; and improve wellbeing across populations.

Dissemination and Implementation Science

Establishing clear metrics and evaluation plans for programs and policy interventions allows implementers to effectively assess impact and plan for the dissemination. We collaborate with partners to assess how to optimize the creation, packaging, delivery, and implementation of programmatic and policy solutions.