American Heart Association CEO Roundtable delivers roadmap to help employers confront America’s mental health crisis

Mental health graphic with text Mental Health -- A Workforce Crisis, CEO RoundtableMore than 40 CEOs from many of the world’s largest and most admired companies joined with the American Heart Association (AHA) today to advocate an action plan for employers to build a culture that nurtures and supports the emotional and mental health of their workforce.

The AHA CEO Roundtable is promoting “Seven Actionable Strategies for Building a Mental Health-Friendly Workplace” — a roadmap for employers to tackle growing challenges highlighted in the leadership collaborative’s recent report titled, “Mental Health: A Workforce in Crisis.” This roadmap includes reversing pervasive stigma and discrimination towards people managing mental health disorders, training and educating leaders to recognize signs and offering available organizational Mental Health Plan resources, integrating evidence-based policies with comprehensive healthcare benefits, and inviting ongoing employee feedback to enhance workplace culture.

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