Call to Action: Urgent Challenges in Cardiovascular Disease

Photo of John Warner

Circulation Journal Report-Presidential Advisory

Despite unprecedented progress in reducing deaths from heart disease and stroke over the past 50 years, cardiovascular disease still takes the lives of more than 17.3 million people every year and remains the leading cause of death worldwide. In searching for new ways to address this challenge, the American Heart Association, the world’s leading voluntary organization focused on heart and brain health, and Duke University’s Robert J. Margolis, M.D., Center for Health Policy are embarking on an initiative to accelerate increased access to high value and affordable cardiovascular care.

The Value in Healthcare Initiative was introduced in a presidential advisory from the American Heart Association (Call to Action: Urgent Challenges in Cardiovascular Disease), published in the Association’s journal, Circulation. The advisory writing group consisted of four leaders from the Association and the Center.

The Value in Healthcare Initiative brings together leaders from over 40 organizations representing payers, public health, government, pharmaceuticals, devices, technology, health systems and providers, along with patients. Their goal is to model and test solutions in cardiovascular care and treatment, document impact and results and develop a framework for system-wide reform to support an equitable and affordable system of care.

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