Workplace Health Playbook

While many employers offer workplace health programs, few have the data they need to know what works best, and the know-how to implement best practices. That’s why more than 20 CEOs from some of America’s largest companies have joined the American Heart Association (AHA) to create the AHA CEO Roundtable, dedicated to disseminating evidence-based approaches

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Tools and Websites

Toolkits, assessment tools, and landing pages for more resources related to Centers focus areas   America’s Health Rankings America’s Health Rankings, a project of the American Public Health Association, the United Health Foundation, and Partnership for Prevention, is a source for trends in nationwide public health and state-by-state rankings using 34 measures of behaviors, community

Webinar Resources: How Do We Know If a Program Made a Difference?

The group’s manual “How Do We Know If a Program Made a Difference? A Guide to Statistical Methods for Program Impact Evaluation” is a resource to learn about the use of methods to estimate program impact. A series of five webinar discussions reviewed key topics from the manual’s chapters through verbal discussion and graphical presentation.