Employers are vital to promoting mental health

Mental health graphic with text Mental Health -- A Workforce Crisis, CEO Roundtable

A supportive workplace culture reduces the stigma associated with mental health, and access to comprehensive benefits helps to prevent mental health disorders

Training managers to empower their teams to take care of their mental health, while recognizing the signs of mental health disorders, is critically important to workplace well-being, according to a new report, titled Mental Health: A Workforce Crisis. The American Heart Association CEO Roundtable commissioned the report, which was conducted by the Association’s Center for Workplace Health Research and Evaluation.

To help employers support their employees, this new report summarizes the evidence on workplace mental health intervention effectiveness and provides insights from a national survey of employee perceptions on how mental health is supported in the workplace. The report also showcases how CEO Roundtable members are cultivating workplace cultures that promote positive mental health while supporting employees who are facing mental health challenges. This call-to-action to address mental health and well-being is anchored in the Association’s mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

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