Infographics and Posters

Concise, illustrated summaries of data and programs related to Centers work


Resilience in the Workplace (2017)

This infographic is a companion to the report, “Resilience in the Workplace: An Evidence Review and Implications for Practice.” The report explores resilience as an emerging, innovative strategy to improve employee health and productivity, and organizational performance.

Resilience in the Workplace Infographic

Cardiovascular Disease is America’s Most Costly Killer (2017)

This infographic highlights key statistics from the AHA’s report “Cardiovascular Disease: A Costly Burden for America, Projections Through 2035.

Cardiovascular Disease is America’s Most Costly Killer Infographic

Improving Heart Health in the Workplace: Results from the First Year of the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index (2017)

This poster summarizes differences in the AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Index scores between smaller (<250 employees) versus larger (250+ employees) companies, and explains the implications of the results.

Improving Heart Health in the Workplace Infographic

Industry and Non-Profit Partnerships as an Effective Model for Implementation of Community-Based Nutrition Interventions (2017)

This poster explains how a community-centered engagement program involving science-based curriculum enabled an increase in healthy food shopping and cooking skills and improved individual health behaviors. This program used a community engagement partnership approach, suggesting that scaling such approaches could improve population-level health.

Effective Model for Implementation Poster

The Employee/Employer Health Connection (2016)

Based on findings from the AHA’s 2016 Employee Health Survey, this infographic illustrates how employers can show their commitment to employee health and positively impact employee health program engagement.

The Employee/Employer Health Connection Infographic

Health Program Interaction Across Generations (2016)

Based on findings from the AHA’s 2016 Employee Health Survey, this infographic depicts generational differences in health goals, workplace health participation and impact, and experience with stress as a result of work.

Health Program Interactions Across Generations Infographic