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Preview of the food and beverage toolkit.Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit

The toolkit helps organizations improve their food environment and promote a culture of health in the workplace. It provides practical action steps and suggestions that are easy to understand and apply.

Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit

Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics

The annual Heart Disease and Stroke Statistical Update compiles the latest available statistics on heart disease and stroke morbidity, mortality and risks; quality of care; medical procedures and operations; and costs associated with disease management. Based on the best national data available, this is a valuable resource for monitoring cardiovascular health and disease in the population.

Visit Heart and Stroke Statistics Website

How Do We Know If a Program Made a Difference?

The group’s manual “How Do We Know If a Program Made a Difference? A Guide to Statistical Methods for Program Impact Evaluation” is a resource to learn about the use of methods to estimate program impact.

Webinar Resources

My Life Check - 7 Small Steps to Big changes. It is easy and simple. Anyone can do it. Start with one or two!My Life Check – Life’s Simple 7

This innovative, science-based online heart health assessment tool leads users through a health assessment that identifies the greatest opportunity for improvement and generates a personal Heart Health Score and a customized action plan. My Life Check can support workplace health by providing employees with custom recommendations to track and improve their Life’s Simple 7 metrics.

My Life Check – Life’s Simple 7

Visualize Health Equity websiteVisualize Health Equity

This digital art gallery from the National Academy of Medicine features submissions from artists across the U.S. illustrating what health equity looks, sounds, and feels like to them. The pieces offer insights into how individuals and communities view and prioritize health and demonstrate how health is an essential building block to a thriving community and nation. This creative lens can help improve understanding of how people view health and what people from diverse backgrounds see as the most important health challenges and opportunities of our time.

Visualize Health Equity

Workplace Health Achievement Index Resources

This AHA Index is designed to help organizations assess the quality, comprehensiveness, and effectiveness of their workplace health promotion & well-being programs.

View Index Resources

Workplace Health Playbook Website

This resource is the result of collaboration between the AHA and some of America’s largest companies to test and promote evidence-based approaches to workplace health. The Playbook describes key elements of effective workplace health and wellbeing programs and provides comprehensive, credible, and actionable advice for designing programs, drawing on experiences from real-world case studies.

Visit Workplace Health Playbook Website

View the Workplace Health Playbook in PDF