Trends in Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in the United States (1999-2016)

Interactive Visualization (AHA Center for Health Metrics and Evaluation)

Explore trends in numbers of deaths, crude mortality rates, and age-standardized mortality rates according to specific cardiovascular diseases in the US using data from CDC WONDER. Explore these mortality statistics according to year, age, race/ethnicity, and gender.

Total Cardiovascular Diseases ThumbnailTotal Cardiovascular Diseases (ICD-10: I00-I99, Q20-Q28)

Ischemic Heart Diseases thumbnailIschemic Heart Diseases (ICD-10: I20-I25)

PrevalenceAtrial Fibrillation and Flutter (ICD-10: I48)

PrevalenceHeart Failure (ICD-10: I50)

PrevalenceCerebrovascular Diseases (ICD-10: I60-I69)

PrevalenceHaemorrhagic Stroke (ICD-10: I60-I62)

PrevalenceIschemic Stroke (ICD-10: I63)

PrevalenceStroke, Not Specified (ICD-10: I64)

PrevalenceCongenital Malformations of the Circulatory System (ICD-10: Q20-Q28)